Friday, July 31, 2009

My Long Lost sister that I never knew I had.

My childhood friend Alicia saw my blog and linked me up with her friend who is a Bakie like me, Fashion Institute Alum and makes these unbelievable treats and cupcakes. She said we were very alike and would get along... after playing on her site, I stumbled upon something that qualifies her for her own post.

"Military Mondays". Enough said. Why can't more people get a clue like she has?

In dedication to you Miss. Cupcake, please enjoy MY American Pride Fondant covered cakes which were dubbed by a crew of 65 yr old Greek men as "A REPUBLICAN CAKE". I prefer conservative, but if my cake triggers you think I have pride in America and it screams don't F*** with us... well then, mission accomplished. Amen.


  1. Thanks for the post! I'm glad you like the blog. Military Monday is the least I (or anyone) can do. I'm glad it's becoming a sort of big thing, I think everyone needs a reminder.

  2. Yes, they do need a reminder! I was driving down Sunrise Highway in I believe Wantagh today and there was a crew of people with "honk for victory" signs, american flags and a military flags.. it was awesome.