Thursday, September 17, 2009

If you know what SAHM means, I will give you $5 bucks.

OK... so I promised myself I would keep it real on here and truly document my move, transition and goings on. As time has gone on and I have become embedded in Army wife life, moving into a "sub-division" and trying to meet other moms for play dates (shut up all of you bitches, and you know who you are), I find myself holding back. I noticed it today when I went to post on here and thought, well... what if I come across too harsh and then I meet new friends out here and they read it?...... WHAT?! WHO!? Exactly Kat. I know.

So... here is the dish. Love the house, love having my husband doing what he loves and not ducking live bullets in 130 degree heat and love watching Sofie grow. I don't miss the rude hustle and bustle or stoop peeing illegal aliens at all. Moving on. Don't love the MONSTER bugs. There are black widows and brown recluse spiders where we live. FUCKING BLACK WIDOWS. I THOUGHT THESE THINGS ONLY EXISTED IN BOOKS OR AS A CHEESY TATTOO ON THE WRIST OF A B RATED GOTH CHICK! Now I have to make sure they don't eat my kid! I also have to accept the fact that I am not an Army Wife. The few girls I have met have been nice, but Steve's an Officer, and it's some real serious stuff. I know, again... shut up. So the vibe I get is that every one is really really busy with trivial shit that you and I consider recreational. Get togethers, food shopping, birthday party invitations... yeah... this is their job and the race is to see who can do it better. Sorry, I am a mess of a mom and housewife. I am EXTREMELY proud of that. My kid is awesome, my house is clean and my cooking would make you want to wish you burnt down your kitchen along time ago... nothing is calculated and it is fly by the seat of your pants every day. I do not plan on wearing a blouse to Army events nor am I going to lie about the fact that YES, my stroller looks like it is from Europe because IT IS. Oh and guess what, people have been to Europe that haven't been sent by the Army.... could you believe it?

OK... I am going to stop because the few contacts I have made officially hate me or love me now.... in time we shall see....but basically you get what I am saying. This is the vibe and it's time for a reality check.

I am a sarcastic no BS Italian girl from NY who doesn't expect national recognition for changing diapers or organizing a bake sale. Being a mom to me is nature and not a god damn competitive job. I had a job, it paid me good money and had really evil aspects as well as fancy perks that took me around the world.... Raising my daughter is a gift and I don't feel like I have to wear a "hello my name is" sticker to get through it.

What I am getting at is... the people here are nice.. super nice...a nice I needed... but as for the army lifestyle- they can smell me from a mile away and are NOT having it. Here's where I have decided to become myself and to say... guess what... my husband is a handsome brilliant man, father, soldier and partner. He happens to be in the Army and I support him as well as live life by his side. I am not an acronym nor am I going to tone myself down to make everyone else feel comfortable, and this is what I was having the urge to do!!!

I was fortunate to be born in a place that is always light years ahead, I can't help that and I won't be crucified for it. I kicked ass in the city that runs sh** in this world,. I sure as hell can survive Fort Sill. Besides, who needs to meet people for 6 months when you have your girls STILL running it in NYC and keeping my seat warm. Go Yankees.


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  1. Better send me $5 bucks! I work with about 100 SAHM bloggers every day. =)