Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Beauty of leaving Fashion to love it all over again.

There is nothing to rant about here. There is cycle I believe all of us in the Fashion Business can relate to: Wanting nothing to do with Fashion. We get burnt out, all of your peers are trying too hard and if you blink they will throw your ass under the bus. You better be driving the bus is all I can say for you girls out there. Being around people who act like they are curing cancer or running the Pentagon when they are actually making $3 underwear for a Wal-Mart customer who will be purchasing their creative design in a size XXXXL really really takes it's toll.

You forget what you are doing there and what it was that you loved?

For all of you that aren't industry related, even the glamour of the fashion industry isn't glamorous after the first year and there are days that you simply want to punch people back into reality. Yes, like any other job... just add the needlessness of what we do and the life or death urgency that runs through these executives veins day after day which will make you want to jump off your desk.

Maybe it is just me and my short attention span... I don't know... but I think most of us lose touch with our love for the art of fashion at some point. In my experience, it's usually the deeper you get into your career and the more successful you become. Isn't that how it goes?

Having that said... taking time off always gives you the opportunity to rediscover your love of clothes, textures and the ever so draining current "trends".

Ok .. there is my rant... and maybe I am late in the game but some old and new loves....

Cri-de-Couer Shoes:

My very good friends company which I love and I love her, she deserves all of the success in the world! Go Gina!

Mars and Valentine:

Gorgeous vintage inspired accessories. I discovered them on Obsessed with it all.

buy it here:

their site:

This Bag?

Really UES? It's over ladies... really. But apparently Barney's has to keep it in stock just for you and your obstetrician's wife so you can compare colors when bumping into each other at the un-original eatery of the month. puke.,default,sc.html?prefn1=designer&prefv1=Balenciaga&specialCategoryID=DESIG1

The power of a watch is so underrated.

Like I need another watch. I am all about the gold and silver blend... it's always my issue and love when it's done right. watch that makes you want to jump off of something= timeless resolution to needing no other accessories.

Just Cavalli= the best resource for the designer version of Flatbush Avenue jewels. ;)

Vanessa Bruno

I love her and definitely don't see enough of her.

Cows and Boots.

And finally... a trend that I usually fight to the death and would if I was in NYC... but I am in motherfucking Oklahoma girls... I can rock this... you still look dumb on the subway. I have cattle out my window...suck it.

Ok.. that's all... bye.

Non- New Yorkers U.E.S. = Upper East Side

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