Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cookie Cookie.

Sugar Cookies.

Oatmeal Raisin.



So I had some suggestions and requests to do mail order cookie catering. I thought about it but figured if it comes to me then I will see how it goes... Well thanks to my PR Rep Lucia Rapisarda I got to test this out! Thanks to our friend Melissa at FGX Global (international shipping at great rates people!) today I shipped out my first cookie order. The thing I have realized about working this business outside of NYC is the ability to be competitive. Baking Hype is out of control in NYC and if you are going to charge $45 for a yellow 1985 style birthday cake in the east village, atleast make it neat. Don't insult your customers. Anyways, as far as shippable goods, being out here works so..... Maybe I don't have to be there to BE there.

As I digress... Melissa's company does "Cookie Friday's" and thought of me. Love it and am so thankful. Now is the waiting period of these thoughts...

"what if the fed ex guy gets hijacked by an (insert your rogue nation of choice here) terrorist and he has a peanut allergy? He most likely won't be able to read the labels, will die from the cookies and as a result I will end up in some international prision!"


"what if when I wasn't looking a black widow (did I mention we have them? LOL) jumped into the batter, was never noticed, baked perfectly into the cookie only to be revealed when.....AHHH!"

This is how my mind works until I hear from the customer, confirm things arrive in once piece and all tummies are satisfied. Isn't my husband lucky? A definite Saint for sure. Saint Stavros.

Thank you Melissa and I hope you and your team enjoy every morsel..

This Order Included:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Traditional Sugar Cookies
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies (I would love to say "I die" but well... I don't think she does cookies and I say that with every ounce of envy.)


Custom thank you tags made by me.... and yes that is hemp rope (puke, but it looks good), all natural cotton yarn and good old "green" bakery boxes made here in the USA.

All of our cookies are made with local products when available, no preservatives (we only use natural peanut butters, dark chocolates, etc) being a big gluten free advocate I never go near items that don't have all natural ingredients. It's bad for your belly.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries about last minute Halloween Cookies....or anything your little heart desires...


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