Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Air it Out.

Let's very quickly recap why my blog went in the can for 2 yrs.

1. Left my peaceful state of mind and environment that was Oklahoma.
2. Moved 4+ times
3. Felt the need to open a Bake Shop.
3. Closed the Bake Shop, my kid is way more important than people who prefer boxed cake and scratch tickets.
4. Husband has been gone 15+ days a month since May training for WW2 because a 90's era douche bag needs to fluff his resume as he won't be the boss in combat. And they want to know why suicide, divorce and drunk driving is through the roof.
5. Not a lot of nice things to say since arriving in the North Country. Finally connected the dots on my instinctual stomach churning reaction to Rachel Rays ideals, recipes and accent.
6. Now that I hide on Fort Drum, things seem to be looking up. Surrounding myself with people from major cities or the deep south seem to be the key to sanity.
7. I really trained for the marathon this year, I will be kicking it's ass all over NYC in 10 days.

SO, now that we got that out of the way.... I will be spending more time doing what I use to do so well, be Danyelle. That's the nickname my husband gave me which in a nutshell labels all of my strengths that are probably faults I embrace. Facebook went out the window- and please note this isn't a mom blog. No fucking crafting here, lots of cursing and I at some point will with no intent to offend, offend you. I don't believe in therapy and I refuse to sensor myself which is what I have noticed I started to do in the last 8-10 months, given my environment. You've entered my personal therapy session, the office light if officially on. You know how Dr. Melfi would clench the arms of her chair when Tony Soprano would nonchalantly go into a rage and divulge criminal behavior that she should have reported to the police? Well, more often than not you will probably be Dr. Melfi, minus the confessing of illegal activity.

Get some popcorn because as of today, it's on.

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  1. LOVING. THIS. Can't wait to keep up with what you're writing!!!!