Monday, January 30, 2012

With a Budget that big.....

All of us in the Fashion/Design community understand the realities and constraints of our work.  Fast fashion has become something we have all come to love and hate.  Personally, I usually try not to get too wrapped up in the little details or my head would spin.  When product development was my main job, market shopping and "inspiration" is just a reality.  I am also speaking to working at a mass and fast fashion level, not Designers who are known for being the inspiration behind our fast fashion.  Anyhow, like I said, I try not to let my head spin at the realities of what some 24 yr old "designer" is doing in their cube for 12 hours a day.

Last week I had read on about the U.K. design team allegedly knocking off an Atlanta based artists work for some home goods at H&M UK.  Annoyed, but not REALLY effected.
Today? Head is spinning.

See the H&M drama here:

Let us proceed.

My best friend Kat is the owner and designer of the brand BabyLady Inc.  BLI is a kids line she started from scratch, out of her home on no sleep with a household to run.  She has 2 beautiful children and a 9-5 job that keeps it all going.  Since the launch of her line in Fall 2010, she has run a graphic on t-shirts, bags and sweatshirts called "Blushing Eyes" that has become a signature of the brand.  Her line has done really well, is all American made and continues to grow at a retail level internationally.  Today, excuse my french.... my head is FUCKING spinning. Apparently Paul Smith's design team thought with a few elements of change, they could make HER "Blushing Eyes" their own.  Maybe legally, sure... Kat probably can't do much. As a member of the Fashion Community, small business owner and mother trying to make the glue to keep it all together, I say shame on all of you "designers" (really?).  Shame on your sample budget for not leading you to an ounce of creativity and shame on your parents for not teaching you about pride or work ethic.

Here is BLI's original "Blushing Eyes" work:

*you can see all of the pieces seasonally in her line sheets

And here is the Paul Smith Brand genius (put your finger over the mouth and nose):
And I must say, they made it look like..... how would you say it in the UK? Rubbish.

I love you Kat, keep on keepin' on... Brooklyn style. What.

Support BabyLady Inc. here:

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