Monday, September 10, 2012

The 11th Year.

     Tomorrow marks the 11th year since that tragic day we call 9/11/2001.  As with every year since 9/11, it is automatic that my thoughts get foggy, my moods are inconsistent and my worries weigh heavily on my mind.  This year, more than last there is a glaring significance that stares me in the face.

     Last night, my husband positively reflected on how America has prevailed over the intentions of those monsters.  The terrorists.  As a solider, he is pretty well versed and has earned a valid opinion on the topic.  His opinion was, aside from the wars... how successful were they in "destroying" America?  He felt, all in all we have rebounded and other than the Airline industry, every day Joe isn't effected.  I agree, I guess.

     Eleven years since the smell of burning fuel and a cocktail of other things filled my apartment, my life is still touched.  It is the Fall of 2012 and all of the joys that is a happy and healthy family has a cloud of anxiety looming.  The cloud is a direct effect of September 11th 2001.  Eleven years later, I will be watching my two daughters ship their father off to Afghanistan this winter. No party politics or miracle will alter that as of now.

My dear husband, we are the Americans still effected. Not broken, but effected.

What happened in NYC that day, in DC and in PA was tragic and horrific. Would I erase it from my memory? No.  I physically witnessed the true goodness and pride that does exist in this country.  There is a sick voice in my head that wishes without the death and destruction it could be September 12, 2001 everyday.  Especially, this year. I want to be confident that those around me are as proud to be an American as I am when I send my husband and his fellow soldiers to war for the umpteenth time.  I want them to think of all of the loss on that day and the sacrifice regular citizens made to help one another across the country.  Why we need absolute tragedy or a more significant anniversary to stop from our daily lives and become united again I personally will never understand.

I remember the families and victims almost daily. I am thankful for the heros that stepped up that day, and now may be suffering with sickness.  I am thankful for all of the heros that continue on, because our leaders ask them to.  Most of all,  I am thankful to live in this beautiful country everyday regardless of all the bull and distractions in between.

Never Forget. September 11th 2001.

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