Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It always starts with a run.

Although the deployment ticker hasn't officially started yet, I am in that nesting like mode of planning and organizing as much as I can before Steve steps on the plane and I melt down for a few days.... I started consistently running as a result of the last deployment.  I had no kids, lived in a large motivating city and running tamed my constant anxiety.  In recent days I was close to committing to a half marathon on Long Island but fate intervened and today I ended up joining Team USO Fort Drum to run the ING NYC Half Marathon.  I ran this race recreationally in 2009. It is by far my favorite distance and to date, my favorite memory of all road races.  With this I will have to raise $1700 for the USO in which 90% of those funds WILL go to our local soldiers and families via our on post chapter.  They do amazing things throughout the year like give away 100's of free bikes to kids, bring shows like Sesame Street Live at no cost to families,  offer free daily meals & a place for soldiers to unwind. They are almost always the first faces our soldiers see at airports nationwide welcoming them home.  During deployments the USO's support ranges from helping loved ones left behind to cope to enabling deployed military members call or Skype with their families from across the globe.  We are one of those families and I know the USO will in fact be a place of support for our family during the coming 9 months if we need it.

Race day is March 17th 2013- between now in then I ask that if you can please support the USO via my race if you can.

Team USO Donation Page for Danelle K.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  My family thanks you, the USO thanks you and I know our military thanks you.

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