Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogging the deployment.

As most of you know my posts will touch on topics concerning current events, big events in my life and things that are usually running or fashion related... I try to keep the foodie stuff on the business blog.  As many of my friends and family know, Steve will be off to Afghanistan in the coming weeks.  It's a hard deployment for us as it is the first with children and unlike our last 15 month stint, the war is lost from not only headlines but most of the publics mind.  It isn't any one's fault, it is just how it is.  We rarely see in the news or in movies what is the true in between and real realities of war for our military families.  We either see death or homecomings. We don't see the goodbyes, we don't see the joys of the first email or phone call from daddy and don't see the challenges the children, soldiers and families face until they all come home.

I have chosen to blog through this deployment in an uncensored way. There will be days that are status-quo, there will be days where I may be in a complete panic and others filled with the sentiment of "we can do this".  I am hoping my blog helps regular civilians (who are still very much a part of sending our loved ones away) see what this all entails. Hopefully it will also show all of the different walks of life we come across in our Army life. The new found friends that move away abruptly, constant change and travel.  We don't all hunt, aren't all from the deep south and I certainly don't drive a pick up although there isn't anything wrong with a pickup.  ;)

My disclosure before this whirlwind of 9 months begins is that please take what I write with a grain of salt.  There will be a lot of emotion or distraction at times.  I take full responsibility for my transparency if you read it with perspective.  What I hope to gain is a therapeutic outlet to get me through the days and possibly a place where other spouses/family members can say: yeah, I feel this too and I am not crazy for it.  Until then I am going to enjoy my last days as a whole family for about 9 months... xxoo dk

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