Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homeless in Oklahoma....

So army housing didn't feel it would be necessary to let us know the odds of us moving up the wait list before Sept 2ND when we arrive are about 0 of 0! The area we are moving to is really desolate from what we are accustomed to. By no means am I expecting malls with Nordstrom or a Yelp reviewed restaurant. The issue is the nothingness and the housing options. MOST military posts have tons of new off post housing developments conducive to families and not just single 19 year old Army privates. Definitely not what I am signing up for.

So... the options are.... pay a ton of money to live in a high rise in Oklahoma city, feel somewhat normal and make Steve drive 1.5hrs each way. Not a good option for him given he will be in school and that isn't really fair. Option 2 is for Sofie and I to live in Dallas where I am comfortable, familiar and well.... we really love it there. Option 3 is to pray that on the 22nd when he brings the car out to OK one of the 2... YES 2 houses i would consider living in by the Army post ARE really what they look like in pictures and are still available. If not... well... like I said... Homeless in Oklahoma. At least we know they have good steak. Ugh..

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