Sunday, August 2, 2009

Own it & Embrace it.

My husband often says that when he is 90 he is going to come back to Brooklyn, drive around in his car and just not give a ****. You know, cruise at 3 miles an hour down 18th Avenue, triple park and blast WFAN while cursing in disagreement with whom ever is doing the play by play for whatever sport is being broadcast.

I think lately I have been living his dream, but I am 30 and doing it in traffic on the Belt Parkway. I am a true New Yorker. A product of the 80's and adolescent of the 90's who had truly good hip hop to revel in and can be so brutally honest it may one day get me killed. Having that said, since being exposed to the military and real middle/ southern American culture, my life has changed. The norm for them is new and fresh to me. Things I used to make fun of is actually really unique to me now and enlightening. I love it.

Things like Hello Kitty AK-47's just blow my mind. I thought about ordering one just to see for myself that it was a real gun and that there really is a market for this out there. (

So what I have been doing lately as my "New York you have burnt me out and here is my going away present" you ask?

I drive in traffic at rush hour on the Belt Parkway BLASTING country music. I actually really like it and think it really changes up atmosphere. Do the Jamaican cab drivers or Russian mob rings appreciate it? You'd have to ask them.....but do I enjoy their antics? Nope, so karma is a bitch in Brooklyn these days.

Look for me out there, and try it's liberating and hysterical.

Happy Sunday Gravy......


  1. When did you start your love for baking Danelle?

  2. As long as I can remember. Nana had me in the kitchen with her from about 4 yrs old, mixing and cracking eggs!