Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We are well on our way and on the last day of our trip through the mid west. It has gone something like this, Brooklyn, Jersey, Pa (Pennsyltuckey), Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Let me tell you that there really is not much to see through PA and OH. The Westin in Columbus is where we stayed the first night and it was a beautiful hotel in a historic building. Danelle somehow unpacked the packed diapers before we left so at 11pm on a Monday night, Steve is combing Downtown Columbus for Huggies. He ended up in a "beautiful" neighbor where they carried a brand called "huggybunnys" or something of the sort which were basically a plastic bag with scotch tape on the sides. They worked, so I am not complaining.

Yesterday we drove through Indianapolis and on to St. Louis, MO. Now I knew I was going to like St. Louis because it is a city notorious for having a vibe of it's own and great culture. Well, I will go as far as saying I am going to plan a trip back here so I can actually see the city. Our hotel is in the landmark Union Station and right next to the Cardinals baseball stadium. Our meal last night was slammin'. So much for not eating meat.... can you say smoked bacon wrapped meatloaf dipped in the most unbelievable BBQ sauce you have EVER had. And as much as I wanted to forfeit dessert, I couldn't resist what the folks down here call "ewwy gooey cake"... it is basically a pound cake that has a hard crust with a smooth middle that tastes almost like cheese. I really almost died and went to heaven. I promised myself I will learn to make and perfect this cake so that people everywhere can melt into their chair as I did last night. I am attaching the Marriot's photo of this hotel because it is in the Station... ugh it is just gorgeous.

The photos above are backwards, St. Louis to Brooklyn.... I have no idea how to label and edit these bloggies yet so please bear with me.

We miss everyone and are really enjoying the trip!

As of tonight, I will officially be a real Army Wife. Hilarious.... they have no idea what they are in for over there in Oklahoma.


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